LinkedIn Lead Generation with AI. It works on autopilot while you sit back.

We do not simply give you a list of ice-cold leads that have never heard of you or your products. Instead, we use artificial intelligence and robotic software automation to find highly relevant, sales-qualified B2B and B2C leads that have signaled an interest in your products & services.

Intelligent Data Sources via LinkedIn

We go where other companies can’t go. Our AI and robotic software automation tools find sales-qualified leads on LinkedIn in places where other people can’t.

  • All leads are MQL or SQL, not just random people on the internet
  • Leads are aware of you, your products/services and your industry
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LinkedIn Learning Course Takers

We find and extract leads from courses that are relevant to your products & services.

Manage Teams
LinkedIn Company Followers

We extract leads that are following your company page.

LinkedIn Events Guest List

We attend your competitor’s events and ‘steal’ their guest list.

Respond to Leads
LinkedIn Group Followers

We get the leads of your group so you can engage them directly.


Create Tomco Campaigns

Generating highly qualified, relevant B2B and B2C leads on LinkedIn couldn’t be any easier with Together with you we design your campaign and once launched, it is totally automated. You just sit back until prospects raise their hand.

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Weekly Invitation

What about the weekly invitation limit?

With Tomco you don’t have to worry about LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limits. Our smart algorithm handles this automatically and allows you to connect with 100s of prospects each week.

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The most successful companies
already use AI-powered LinkedIn automation.

100s of companies use AI with robotic software automation to fuel their sales growth with incredible success.

Advanced algorithm to keep your LinkedIn account safe

Our tools are in full compliance with LinkedIn’s terms & conditions. Our automation tools run your campaigns in the cloud, simulating human behavior and using smart activity control features. Generate warm leads all day long, whether you are online or not.

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Alogirthim for Safe Account

Works best for

Our smart lead generation tools have many use cases and work best for the following scenarios:

Business Owner
Business/Sales Development Reps

Supercharge your lead generation and outreach with A single user can reach out to 20,000 prospects per year – 100% automated.

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Sales Teams
Sales Teams

What’s good for a single BDR is even better for an entire team. Fuel your sales growth without adding more headcount.

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Marketing Strategies
Marketing Teams

Make your job of generating marketing-qualified leads easier with our fully automated tools and 10x your lead generation efforts.

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When you’re bootstrapping a startup and don’t have a sales team yet, use our tools to jumpstart your sales engine.

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Compatible with

You don’t need a premium LinkedIn account to use Tomco (but if you have one, that’s great). Tomco works with all LinkedIn plans:

  • Free LinkedIn accounts
  • Premium
  • Sales Navigator
  • Recruiter
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What Our
Happy Users Say

"Tomco has been a game changer for our sales team. We've seen a 35% increase in qualified leads since implementing their AI-powered automation tool. We saved countless hours of manual prospecting and focused on closing deals instead. Highly recommended!"


Elizabeth W. Sales Manager

"Wow! We've generated over 500 qualified leads in the first month, resulting in a 25% increase in revenue. The AI-powered automation has been a game changer for us and has allowed us to scale our business more efficiently."


Jack G. CEO

"As a small business owner, time is always at a premium. Tomco has been a lifesaver for our sales team. We've been able to generate over 300 qualified leads in the past six weeks, leading to a 20% increase in revenue."


Sarah S. Founder

"Tomco has been a valuable asset for our sales team. We've seen a 15% increase in close rate since implementing their AI-powered automation tool. Tomco is doing the leg work and we’re doing what we do best – closing deals!"


Michael T. Sales Director

"As a busy sales professional, I don't have the time to spend hours on manual prospecting. Tomco has made a significant impact on my success. I've been able to generate over 50 qualified leads in a single week! Amazing!"


Rachel L. Sales Representative

Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.

More FAQs
What is

Tomco is an intelligent AI-powered software automation tool that can find and extract highly relevant & qualified warm leads for your products and services via LinkedIn. Our technology is fully automated, allowing you to just sit back until prospects start reaching out to you.

What makes Tomco's lead generation tool different from others?

Tomco's lead generation tool utilizes intelligent AI-powered automation to find warm leads on LinkedIn that have signaled an interest in your company's products or services. This helps to ensure that the leads generated are high-quality and more likely to convert.

Is Tomco a list broker?

No, list brokers sell you a spreadsheet full of ice-cold leads that have never heard of your company and are probably not even interested in your products right now. We find leads that have signaled an interest in your specific products/services and industry.

How long does it take to see results with Tomco's lead generation tool?

The amount of time it takes to see results with our tool will depend on various factors, such as the size of your target market and the competitiveness of your industry. However, many of our customers see an increase in qualified leads within the first month or two of using the tool.

How much does Tomco cost?

The cost of your campaign depends on the number of leads and how many sales reps you want to include. Monthly campaigns start around $1,000 while most campaigns run between $3,000-5,000/month. There are no long-term contracts with us but we do recommend at least a 6-months campaign to see the best results.

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